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Create an environment in which all spreadsheets are controlled to meet your compliance requirements. Features include:

  • Automatic capture of spreadsheet changes
  • Ensure a full change history
  • Identify and report changes for audit purposes
  • Implement a spreadsheet change control process
  • Notify managers of key changes
Strong Typing

Strong Typing

Reliably create correct spreadsheet models in Excel.

Strong Typing is an add-in for Excel which allows formulas to be augmented with type meta data to help ensure formulas work as intended or to highlight logical issues with formulas in a spreadsheet.

Strong Typing is based on patent pending technology.

Patent Pending


The next webinar to introduce Strong Typing for Excel is tomorrow at 4PM BST/11AM EDT/8AM PDT.

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The following webinar will be on will be on Thursday Apr 23rd also at 4PM BST/11AM EDT/8AM PDT.

AMP Partners use ComplyXL to monitor changes to and provide control of their critical pricing spreadsheets.

AMP Partners

ASARCO uses ComplyXL so compliance processes can be applied to control nearly 25,000 spreadsheets.


BCBS use complex Excel programs for quoting healthcare rates and use ComplyXL to compare data after changes by underwriters.

BCBS Delaware

Cargill uses ComplyXL to provide compliance control for all their critical spreadsheets.


ComplyXL has been chosen to help DFAS manage over 25,000 spreadsheets in use by DFAS in support of it’s goals and in preparing reports to congress.


ComplyXL Desktop is deployed in multiple Dyncorp locations internationally with approximately 260 users


ComplyXL enables GBGM to keep a track of changes made without their spreadsheets multiplying into confusion.


Grupo Mexico need to be able to monitor changes and curate the spreadsheets used for regulatory reporting.

Grupo Mexico

The Belgian Landbouw en Visserij selected ComplyXL to control and manage their spreadsheets in line with their auditor requirements.

Landbouw en Visserij

LCH use ComplyXL to curate spreadsheets and track changes.


Securus use the ability to version control spreadsheets to track changes and maintain the integrity of the data.


ComplyXL saved SEGRO an enormous amounts of time in the analysis of spreadsheet changes.

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